The best way to access support and resources to help cope with HD is through local and national organizations.

The Enroll-HD website will soon be translated into languages other than English. At that point, local resources for each nation involved in Enroll-HD will be added to this page.

In the meantime, contact information for many of the world’s Huntington’s organizations and medical centers from Argentina to Zimbabwe can be found at the International Huntington Association.

National HD Organizations:

Canada: Huntington Society of Canada/Société Huntington du Canada

UK: Look for a local branch of the Huntington’s Disease Association.

US: The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (also includes a list of local chapters)

More information about HD research:

HD Buzz provides regular updates on the latest HD research news and explains the science in plain language for non-scientists. It includes news stories and explainers in many languages, including a  background article with ten golden rules on judging whether a new discovery is really worth getting excited about. Many of the stories are written by neurologist Ed Wild, MD and neuroscientist Jeff Carroll, PhD. Other contributors include doctors and scientists around the world.

The European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) is a Europe-wide network of professionals and HD-affected people who collaborate to conduct clinical and preclinical research into the disease. The EHDN is financially supported by CHDI Foundation.

The Huntington Study Group is a clinical research network that aims to advance knowledge about the cause(s), disease progression and treatment of HD and related disorders.