Publications leveraging Enroll-HD data, biosamples, and/or infrastructure.


Enroll-HD is both a worldwide observational study and a clinical research platform supporting various studies and trials, with an overall objective to accelerate HD therapeutic development. Clinical data and biosamples collected in Enroll-HD and other HD studies are made available through the Enroll-HD platform to any verified researcher per the Clinical Data and Biosample Access Policy to extract as much knowledge as possible. As ever, we are enormously grateful to the thousands of participants and families around the world who selflessly give their time and energy, as well as to the dedicated staff at the clinical sites who make Enroll-HD possible.

When publishing their findings, researchers using these data and biosamples are expected to adhere to the Enroll-HD publication policy, including full acknowledgement of the individuals who contributed to the collection of the Enroll-HD data. The publications hosted here have all used the Enroll-HD datasets that are periodically made available and illustrate some of the areas of HD research that Enroll-HD is directly influencing.

If your publication that uses Enroll-HD data is not included in this gallery, or you know of a publication that should be included, then please let us know at info@chdifoundation.org.




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J Huntingtons Dis
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