New HDClarity periodic dataset, PDS3, now available!

Jan 18, 2024

We are delighted to announce that the third dataset release from HDClarity, PDS3, is now available.

HDClarity PDS3 contains data from 673 study participants and includes 832 study visit packages, each associated with one or more successfully collected CSF samples.

HDClarity sample size by PDS release


“HDClarity PDS3 represents a huge leap forward for HD biomarker research,” said Professor Ed Wild, principal investigator of HDClarity. “It is, by a substantial margin, the largest longitudinal collection of high-quality CSF and blood ever assembled in HD, carefully curated and accompanied by detailed phenotypic data. It will enable a new generation of innovative scientific projects at a critical time for the development of novel therapeutics.

“PDS3 represents a huge amount of work by the HDClarity teams at UCL and CHDI and the site staff across the world. Above all, PDS3 is a gift beyond value donated by HD family members and their friends, for the benefit of the global community. We are enormously grateful to them for their altruism and trust.”


The HDClarity PDS3 dataset and associated biosamples are made available via the Enroll-HD platform; to access these resources, please visit the Access page on the Enroll-HD website.

Data support documentation for PDS3 has been revised and updated to assist you in understanding and interpreting the data, including a machine-readable Data Dictionary and an HDClarity PDS3 Overview document that provides an overview of the dataset, sample size, visits, and sample characteristics (sociodemographic and clinical).

If you have colleagues who you think might be interested in using this resource, please feel free to point them towards this article, we want as many researchers as possible working on Huntington’s disease!