New Enroll-HD periodic dataset (PDS6) now available!

New Enroll-HD periodic dataset (PDS6) now available! Jan 9, 2023 We are delighted to announce that the eagerly awaited sixth release of the Enroll-HD periodic dataset, PDS6, is now available. PDS6 contains data from 25,550 Enroll-HD study participants. Data from 95,040 study visits are included, making it one of the largest cohort datasets that is made openly […]

Enroll-HD: Celebrating 10 years!

Enroll-HD: Celebrating 10 years! July 25, 2022 Ten years ago today, in Tennessee, the very first participant entered into Enroll-HD. Over the coming year we will be celebrating this important milestone and the remarkable achievements that, as a community, we have made over the last decade. You have been, and continue to be, essential to […]