Explore Data & Biosamples

Explore Data and Biosamples

You can access high-quality datasets and biosamples from the following HD clinical research studies:


Enroll-HD is a global observational study and clinical research platform designed and implemented to provide the clinical research infrastructure required for HD therapeutic development. The Enroll-HD study generates a comprehensive database of clinical information and biosample collection to support the design and conduct of clinical trials, better understand the pathobiological mechanisms and phenotypic spectrum in HD, and promote the development of evidence-based guidelines to inform clinical practice and improve health outcomes.

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HDClarity is an Enroll-HD platform study collecting CSF, LiHep (anticoagulant) plasma, and serum samples from participants following an overnight fast. All HDClarity participants are also in Enroll-HD, which means all CSF samples have linked clinical data. HDClarity participants attend at minimum a screening and a sampling visit, with a small subset having an optional repeat sampling visit 4-8 weeks after their initial sampling visit. University College London is the sponsor for this study and is financially supported by CHDI.

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TRACK-HD was an observational biomarker study in premanifest and early-manifest HD participants and healthy controls that longitudinally collected data annually over three years (four visits) at four clinical sites. Data were collected with 3T MRI, and clinical, cognitive, quantitative motor, and neuropsychiatric assessments. Track-On HD followed on from TRACK-HD for two years (three visits) to collect 3T MRI, task and resting state fMRI, DTI, and clinical, cognitive, quantitative motor, and neuropsychiatric assessments. Most individuals participated in both TRACK-HD and Track-On HD. Various biosamples were collected annually from non-fasting participants in both studies. These TRACK studies were led by Professor Sarah Tabrizi at University College London and financially supported by CHDI.

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